2021 Home Trends

The Coronavirus pandemic has created many new home trends and experts say they are here to stay in the new year. If you are thinking of selling your home in 2021, appealing to these new trends could make your listings stand out among new potential buyers. 

Home Trends

Staying home and social distancing has created a new way of living for most people. Some of these changes can be seen in new home design trends. Families are spending more and more time in their homes, reshaping the idea of what is necessary at home. In a post-2020 world, many will view home as more than just a living space


Practical design is always important, but it becomes imperative the more people are at home and working to maximize their living spaces. Rooms with cozy and clean designs offer relaxation and soothing aesthetics making spaces both functional and fashionable. 

Classic Home Improvements has put together the home trends they anticipate sticking around in 2021. The first is style fusion. As people embrace different styles and cultures, neutral backgrounds mixed with bold accent pieces, furnishings, and wall art create a blend of different decor styles. 

Beyond neutral palettes, many people are turning to texture when deciding how to adorn their walls. Metal is being incorporated into many home designs to add a different material texture next to wood and stone. Now more than ever, homeowners have made their home design more personal. As people spend more time at home, it is important to decorate in a style they enjoy. 


Many people are converting a spare bedroom or corner of their home to a functional home office. Many of these spaces also include a “Zoom Room”;  a quiet space with a neutral background that can be used for video calls and is removed from high-traffic areas of your home. 

Outdoor spaces are also in high demand. Being able to spruce up, or even create an outdoor space is crucial. Some buyers are willing to sacrifice heated square footage to gain additional usable outdoor space. 

Many homeowners have taken advantage of being home to tackle larger renovation and home remodeling projects. Some of the most popular renovations since the pandemic began include adding a pool to their outdoor space, kitchen and bath remodels, and home additions. These projects can increase the value of your home and offer additional appeal to potential buyers.


People are moving farther away from cities to the spacious suburbs or rural areas. Spending more time at home has made buyers value space, indoors and outdoors, to have separation between working from home and living at home. As people are encouraged to continue social distancing practices, major metropolitan areas and large cities can seem overcrowded and less than ideal. Suburban and rural areas allow for more space to spread out and often come with lower property prices and housing affordability. Working from home has also freed many people from the geographic requirements of their jobs, as remote work allows them to do their jobs from anywhere. 

Housing Trends & Your Home Sale

If you are looking to sell your home in the upcoming months or year, knowing these popular trends can help you appeal to potential buyers. 

If you’re in search of easy fixes to get your home market-ready, add a few design elements to your home that are increasingly popular. Make sure the elements you include generally match the current style you have but elevate it overall. Staging an extra bedroom or unused space in your home as a home office can help buyers see where they could fit their own office into the home. 

Some renovations will cost more time and money, but will also have a larger return on investment. Kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor renovations are the most common and could help add a lot to the value of your home

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